Tools of the trade

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I go insane in an art supply store. I have heaps and heaps of supplies. There is no medium and no support I have not tried - except the art suppliers are up all night inventing new goodies. And I gotta have them. Got to.

This attachment to new and the latest distracts from the truth. I need very little. I've discovered that I need large brushes and very few of them. And sadly they should be hardware store brushes. Fancy tools are not me, they aren't the art I make. I do messy organic intuitive stuff. A large brush can make large AND  small markings. A small brush makes small marks.

So all the costly art stuff stays in the box. Looking 😍 pretty. Which is not a bad thing. I just hope I have learned that the best tool is the one between my ears 👂. Except if its new and promises to make me Leonardo. Oops. 

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