What the eye sees

#environment #nature #philosophy

One of my most favourite artists - Rubens - understood optics and illusions. It was a Renaissance and enlightenment obsession. Many artists, Vemeer for instance, Seurat for another were obsessed how light and perspective shape an image for the eye. Heady science really. A well known story too. 

Recently I was thinking how out of an overload of information our mind and eyes order the world. In landscape many artists select out all the chaos. Nature seems neat and tidy. But I’m playing with the idea - what if we include in as much information as we can. Maximalism. Are things still beautiful and harmonious. Does the eye capture it or is a piece a failure if we don’t reduce the information. 

This piece is about the less noted truth about nature. The overwhelming bounty of information. How it reaches the eye and mind

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